IATSE Local 800 Illustrator & Art Director specializing in 3D Modeling and Set Illustration


I’m Dwayne Burgess, Illustrator and Art Director. I grew up in Maine and received a BFA in Scenic Design from the North Carolina School of the Arts’ School of Design and Production.

As a kid you could find me watching and rewatching The Wizard of Oz and recording every episode of The Golden Girls to VHS. Today in my spare time you will find me building LEGO models, seeing a lot of musical theater, and working on my cabin in Joshua Tree.

When I moved to Los Angeles I spent a few years designing sets for theater, drawing on-air project sketches for HGTV, and illustrating for up and coming production designers. In 2012 I became staff Art Director at NBCUniversal where I worked for 7 years. During that time I art directed multiple daily studio shows, countless pilots, and over fifty red carpet events.

Nowadays you’ll find me working from my studio, creating 3D models and renderings for broadcast television shows and events all over the world. I currently live in Los Angeles with my fiancé Jeremy and our two cats, Winston & Kevin. When I’m not in the city you can find me at my desert cabin, hiding out with the coyotes and roadrunners.

Member of Art Director’s Guild, IATSE Local 800


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